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Purpose and Benefits Statement
Athlete Benefits

Special Olympics contributes to the physical, social, and psychological development of people with mental challenges through successful experiences in sports. Our athletes gain confidence and build positive self-images, which go with them into their homes, classrooms, jobs, and communities.

Volunteer Benefits

Every volunteer leaves with the feeling of satisfaction that they have added value to someone's life. Volunteers help in many ways, some are sports oriented, but not all positions require a knowledge of sports. We need volunteers to help with meals, housing, ceremonies, and many other activities as well as the sports programs. Volunteers donate different amounts of time, from working with athletes regularly, once a week - year round, to helping for four hours on one day of games. 

As a volunteer you will have:
The right to be treated as a co-worker, not just free help.
The right to suitable assignments with consideration for preferences, life experience, education and employment background.
The right to be trained and oriented for the job.
The right to sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced and by someone who has the time to invest in giving guidance.
The right to a variety of experiences.
The right t be heard.
The right to have your work evaluated and the right to evaluate your assignment.
The right to recognition in the form of promotion and awards, day to day expressions of appreciation.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors and donors know that they truly make a difference. Special Olympics was voted the most credible charity in the United States in 1995. The monies donated provide more than 300,000 hours of athlete and volunteer training annually in Utah alone. Many sponsors utilize the name of Special Olympics to highlight their goodwill in the community, as well as getting their employees involved as volunteers, which has been proven to be great for employee moral.